Cardio Exercise For Weight Loss

Cardio Exercise for Weight Loss

Once you have mastered the basics of cardio exercise, you can progress to higher intensity and increase the number of days you exercise. Remember, getting in shape doesn’t happen overnight, so it’s essential to build up your endurance and strength before you start attempting to increase your workout intensity. You can also try different types of workouts to achieve different cardio results. Regardless of your goal, there are numerous cardio workouts that can help you lose weight and get in shape.

Moderate intensity cardio

Moderate intensity cardio is aerobic exercise performed at 50% to 75% of your maximum heart rate. While this type of cardio is not as beneficial as high-intensity exercises, it does burn more calories in the short term. Unlike high-intensity workouts, low-intensity exercises allow you to speak a few sentences without causing your heart to beat too rapidly. Besides weight loss, moderate intensity workouts can help you improve your cardiovascular fitness and range of motion.

While high-intensity cardio is very effective for burning calories, it can exhaust your muscles quickly and is not recommended for long-term weight loss. Because of this, it is best done in short bursts, such as sprints of 1 minute with a two-minute recovery period. However, since high-intensity cardio can exhaust your body’s carbohydrate stores very quickly, it is best done when you have already finished an intense strength training or HIIT routine.

Compound exercises

If you want to increase your muscle mass and lose weight, you should use compound exercises in your cardio routine. These workouts target multiple muscle groups and are more efficient than isolated exercises. If you’re a time-crunched professional, you might want to seek the help of a fitness expert to show you proper form so you don’t end up hurting yourself. Your doctor can also help you establish a safe workout schedule.

While cardio exercise is important for improving health and burning fat, you shouldn’t limit it to the gym. By doing strength training in addition to cardio, you’ll increase your metabolic rate and build muscle. Compound exercises help you burn fat by addressing more than one area. Whether you’re trying to get fit for a beach vacation or want to get toned, compound exercises help you maximize your workout time.


To get the best benefits from step-ups for cardio exercise for weight loss, you should perform them correctly. Step-ups are simple to do, and almost anyone can perform them. Increasing the weight and length of time will increase the intensity of the exercise. If you have difficulty performing step-ups, you can also use weights. These weights will help you increase the resistance and burn more calories in your body.

As with any workout, you should avoid exercising too close to bedtime. Studies show that exercise can disrupt sleep, so you should try other workouts before starting a new routine. Furthermore, step-ups can be hard on your knees, so you should avoid performing them too close to bedtime. Also, if you are overweight, you should avoid performing step-ups for more than 2 minutes a day.


Although the number of calories burned by swimming may vary, in general, a person who weighs 150 pounds can burn approximately 400 calories per hour. That said, swimming also depends on stroke and intensity. A 70-kg woman can burn more than 700 calories per hour while swimming breaststroke. As you increase your swimming time, you can also increase your total number of laps. Eventually, you should be able to swim as many laps as you want without stopping.

Swimming is an excellent option for people who are unable to participate in other forms of cardiovascular exercise. The non-impact nature of the exercise can benefit people with limitations such as joint pain or range of motion problems. In addition, swimming helps to stretch and strengthen muscles while exerting minimal force on the joints and bones. Unlike running, swimming requires minimal equipment. You just need a quality swimsuit and a swim cap to protect your hair.

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