Best Form of Cardio for Weight Loss

Best Form of Cardio for Weight Loss

When it comes to working out for weight loss, a variety of different forms of cardio exercises are available. Among the most popular is running. However, this form of cardio is not ideal for weight loss as it is high impact and can cause injuries. Moreover, it can increase muscle loss. Fortunately, there are other exercises that are equally as effective.

Moderate intensity

Cardio with low-moderate intensity is a good way to lose weight without compromising your joints. By exercising for a sufficient amount of time, your body will switch from burning fat to burning carbs, and vice versa. This is because fat contains more calories than carbs, and burning fat requires more oxygen than burning carbs.

Moderate-intensity cardio helps you reduce your body weight and improves your range of motion. This type of exercise also reduces stress and boosts your total calorie expenditure. You should aim for about 250 minutes of moderate exercise per week to see results. If you are a beginner, it is better to start slowly and build up your endurance.

When doing low intensity cardio, aim to keep your heart rate around 40 to 55% of your maximum heart rate. This kind of cardio can be done for any length of time, but it is most effective when done in long bouts of 60 to 120 minutes. If you do less than that, your body will not burn enough calories or heavily use your fat stores.

High intensity interval training

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training, and is one of the most effective types of cardio for weight loss. It involves short bursts of intense exercise separated by short periods of rest. The intervals range from 30 seconds to four minutes. The best workout consists of four to six hard intervals, which are enough to burn off a good number of calories. A typical HIIT workout might involve a five or ten-minute warm-up, followed by four to six hard intervals with a one-minute recovery period.

HIIT is sometimes confused with regular cardio. However, the two types of exercise are very different. HIIT is more intense than traditional cardio and increases the number of calories burned. It also helps burn calories and fat more efficiently. This is due to the fact that it increases anaerobic activity levels, which results in greater energy expenditure. It also improves cardiovascular health, reduces stress levels, and decreases the risk of disease and injury.


Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for weight loss, and there are a number of reasons why. Not only is walking low-impact and easy on the joints, but it can also be incorporated into your daily routine without interfering with your weight-room progress. And since it burns so few calories, you can add it to any workout without the risk of affecting your results. Walking can also be done at any pace and intensity level.

While walking doesn’t require much skill, you can improve your performance by keeping your posture correct. Keep your shoulders square and your back straight, and engage your glutes with every step. Try to land on your heels rather than your toes. And if you feel uncomfortable while walking, you should seek medical attention.


While running is the best form of cardio for weight loss, other exercises are equally beneficial. It’s easy to burn more calories with a low-impact workout, and you can increase your intensity level to meet your goals. Plus, you can enjoy the outdoors while working out. It also scales well to various fitness levels. Walking is also a great option, especially if you have a hill or are looking to tone your lower body.

Running is ideal for initial weight loss because it requires the use of many muscles at once, so the amount of calories you burn is much higher than with other forms of exercise. Runners should also have a well-balanced diet that provides the body with the proper nutrients, which are essential for weight loss.


Cycling is one of the best forms of cardio for weight loss because it increases the metabolic rate, improves cardiovascular fitness, and helps you lose weight. Cycling is also an excellent way to strengthen the core. It is low impact, which helps you stay on the bike longer than other forms of exercise.

You can cycle indoors or outdoors. You can cycle on a stationary bike or an exercise bike with different resistance levels. You can start off with a light resistance level to get used to cycling. You can increase the resistance as you become more experienced. Beginners should start out by cycling for at least 10 minutes per session. Eventually, you can increase the time to about 150 minutes a week. You can also join cycling clubs in your area to stay motivated and to meet other cyclists. This can create a healthy competition that helps you push yourself harder.

One great benefit of cycling for weight loss is that it is convenient and fun. You can also ride your bike to work to get your exercise without the hassle of driving. A half-hour ride to work can burn between 200 to 500 calories. If you are really dedicated, you can skip breakfast during the morning ride. However, this should be done with caution.

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