6 Cringeworthy Local Business Ads

6 Cringeworthy Local Business Ads
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πŸ“£ Local businesses are having a hard time with advertising because they are trying to compete with big brands that can afford the best and most expensive professional marketers. Local business owners don’t have much money to spend on advertising so they end up doing some terrible ads. πŸ˜†Look at some of these cringeworthy ads and tell me what you think below.πŸ‘‡

0:30 – Ad #1: Is Your Lawyer Balding?
1:57 – Ad #2: Car Wash Gives The Best Hand Job In Town
4:03 – Ad #3: Mind That Child
4:41 – Ad #4: Where Babies Come From
7:05 – Ad #5 EJC LTD
7:43 – Ad #6: Mall Video Ad

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